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Injured firefighter- mri questions

I was hit in neck with an 8 lb axe on the back of my neck, the axe fell from 110 feet high.

The injury occurred 18 months ago, and I still have extreme neck back 24-7.

My MRI Does not seem to show anything to severe. I was curious if any one had recommendations, surgical or other options. I go to physical therapy every week, and have had epidural shots in neck.


C3-C4 Central canal is patent. Uncinate process hypertrophy change results in moderate bilateral neurofotaminal narrowing.

C4-C5 Central canal is patent . Unicate process hypertrophy and facet hypertophic change results in moderate bilateral neurogotaminal narrowing

C5-C6 There is a prominent endplate osteophyte that indents the ventral thecal sac but does not form the com results in mild central canal narrowing. Unspecified and facet hypertrophic change results in mild-to-moderate bilateral neurogormanial narrowing.

C6-C7 Central canal is patent. Unspecified intravernous atrophic atrophic change results in mild-to moderate bilateral neuroformanial narrowing.

CYT1- Central canal and neural foramina patient.


Mild central canal narrowing c5-c6

Moderate severe right and moderate left neuroforaminal narrowing c5-c6

Moderate bilateral neuroforaminal narrowing c4-c5 right greater then left.

As stated on top, any recommendations or thought's I would appreciate. I am meeting surgeon next month. Just anxious to find out, if I should prepare to be operated on , and other thoughts. This was very tough to write all this out, starring at a computer is terrible pain !

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