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Re: Rotator cuff syndrome and biceps tendinitis!

Originally Posted by Skygray View Post
Hello everyone. Please help with answers. I went to see an Orthopedic surgeon about 6-8 weeks ago and was diagnosed with my headline topic. The problem was diagnosed in my right shoulder by way of X-ray. I was having pain in my left arm as well but not quite as bad as my right. I was given cortisone injections in both shoulders and a prescription of naproxen. I seemed to be fine for 2 almost 3 weeks and was given a prescription for P/T. My insurance was too expensive for me to attend so I pulled up some exercises to do at home online. I didn't do anything to strenuous or long because the pain would not allow me. It's been anothe 4 weeks later and I've tolerated the pain for so long until it is now unbearable. I don't get any sleep because both my arms hurt so bad. The pain has now moved all the way down to my elbows. In my right shoulder I can't stand to turn my head to look over my shoulder, it's so painful! When I awake from tossing and turning all night my arms are so stiff and heavy they ache so bad! I have taken ibuprofen, naproxen, Advil pm is the only thing that allows me to get a little sleep but NOTHING I take relieves the pain. I've also done the heating pad and tense unit. During the day at work I function because im not in a lot of pain but really sore. I called the orthopedic today and advised I'm so much worse and have an appointment in 3 days! I need an MRI this pain is not normal. I have a high tolerance for pain but this has become scary. What are your thoughts? Please help! Thanks
Oh dear you are having a hard time with this pain. It sounds like there is inflammation around your shoulders. Heat will not help, as you have written, I suggest you try ice-packs. Ice is the best method to reduce inflammation & is much kinder to the body than steroids & meds.
An MRI will shed light on your problem. Good luck & I wish you well.

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