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Re: Iron deficiency anemia?

Hello, my name is Bill and I was iron deficient when a routine doctor visit and blood work showed that I was anemic with a 10.7 hgb back in 2009. I was referred to a GI, had a colonoscopy and it revealed a rectal mass. The biopsy showed it was a malignant tumor. I was scheduled for surgery to have a bowel resection and the mass removed. I understand your fears and concerns, I was terrified. The surgery was successful and it was recommended that I NOT receive chemo or radiation due to my having heart disease. I had to have a temporary colostomy to give my bowel time to heal from the surgery. Three months later I underwent tests to check for any leakage and everything was fine. I then underwent another surgery to reverse the colostomy and have the bag removed, which is really no big deal after a couple of weeks. Since then I have been cancer free, and no longer have a colostomy. That was six years ago and at the young age of 63 I live a healthy and normal life. Things have changed dramatically in medicine and cancer treatments in the last few years and if you and husband are faced with a diagnosis of cancer it is okay to be terrified initially, but don't think for a split second that this disease cannot be beaten. Meet it head on, fight it, and you will be victorious and live for many many years, I am living proof.

Good luck and God bless, I will keep you in my prayers.

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