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Dizziness with Sinus infections?

Hello, I wonder if anyone else has this problem with sinus infections. I have gotten dizzy spells randomly nearly all my life as well as sinus infections, it was only recently that I wondered if the 2 are linked. My current sinus infection was coming on, and i got dizzy, this dizziness comes on as if I am going through a sense of De Javu, like i have had the same thought or did exactly as I was doing some time before, it is accompanied with a strong sense to Urinate or have a Bowl movement, even though I may not need to do, it only lasts for a few seconds then it fades away. I asked my doctor about this a few years ago, and he thought maybe was lack of food or liquid, but recently i made the connection that it could be affecting my inner ear from the build up of fluid from the sinus infection. Just curious if anyone else has the same symptoms? would be interesting to find out if I am alone in that or if indeed they are connected.

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