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Re: Dizziness with Sinus infections?

Originally Posted by Shirobarbz View Post
You are not alone! I suffer this sinus demon pretty much every season! As i am writing i have a terrible headache! My nose feels funny, toothache, dizzy spells but not everyday.. Sometimes i feel nausea and i sneeze alot! But when i sneeze i feel some relief! Now am taking some mucinex for sinus pressure and headache! I need answers too! And oh yah my nose whistles when i breathe in!
As I have gotten older, I have noticed that if you have swollen sinuses, the symptoms will get into the inner ear, which can cause headaches and inner problems with ear ringing. I never have had a doctor explain it well. If you can improve sinus drainage the symptoms get much better. The nasal steroid sprays or a saline rinse do help. I do think mucinex helps a lot with drainage as you said. By the way, I have noticed excedrin works better on headaches than tylenol or aspirin by itself.

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