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Hi Inflight,
I'm sorry I never responded when you got home... I'm very far behind in everything I'm doing right now! But I'm glad to hear things essentially went well. That's always a huge relief!

You will not reject the donor bone... There are no blood cells in it, so it is just the bony matrix, which your body will eventually break down as part of its natural process of continually breaking down/rebuilding bones. As it's being broken down, it's also being replaced by new bone made by your own cells... and the hope is for that entire area to become solid bone.

Titanium is also chosen probably because it's tolerated well by most people. But I can't give you specifics on this.

What type of changes are you feeling? You know there is a risk of infection at the surgical site for about two years following the surgery... So you do have to keep an eye out for that type of thing.

If you have some alarming things happening to you, please call the doctor's office. But we all do feel sort of wretched after surgery, if that is what you mean. But there should be no personality changes, like some people talk about after organ (heart?) transplants... unless you are not tolerating some of your meds well.

You will take baby steps toward feeling better.. in two to three weeks you should notice a huge difference in your feelings and abilities...

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