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I've not had any surgery but I get my arms going to sleep on me from the elbows to the finger tips constantly just lying matter where I put my arms...anyone else?


  • Sept‘63,fall on back on stairs,compression fractures of T6 and T8
  • 1993 X-ray Diagnosed DDD
  • Nov,2002 MRI C4-C5 posterior osteophytic bar effacing ventral thecal sac, stenosis of neural foramina.C5-C6 posterior disc protrusion effacing VTS. Stenosis of neural foramina.C6-C7 posterior disc herniation effacing VTS.stenosis of neural foramina.C7-T1perineural cysts in both neural foramina.left convex scoliosis mid thoracic spine.wedging of T7. wedging of T5.degen.end plate changes at T8-T9. L4-L5 diffuse disc bulge effacing VTS.hypertrophy of facet joints,central spinal stenosis.L5-S1 posterior disc protrusion with associated tear of annulus fibrosis. hypertrophy of facet joints.S1-S2 Perineural cysts involving S1-S2 nerve roots.
  • So far have tried: meds,physio,acupuncture all to no avail.

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