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Ulna Shortening This friday

I'm relatively young(23), and i'll be getting it done this friday at 4:45am.
Honestly, how bad is this thing? I've watched video's of it, prior posts about it.
I've read up about as much as i think possible, would just like to get some live feedback on it. For the most part I've got full function of my hand/wrists, its just somewhat painful sometimes, and when washing my hands, the wrist can feel loose and unstable.
I've had to reschedule my appointment a few times because of work so it's been about two months since I've spoken to my doc(George White, Orlando), I think his plan was 4 weeks cast, 4 weeks sling, 4 weeks PT. is that about the norm?

Tldr -> V

How we got here vv

I "broke" my wrist..i think??? when i was around 10, all i remember is when i fell off the monkey bars my ulna/radius was pushed up against my wrist(never broke skin). I'm relatively thin, 5'9 150, and my ulna's have always been slightly pronounced, never thought much of it until in august at the gym. I picked up a heavier dumbbell than i should have and i think my ulna slipped form the set position it's been in all these years and it throbs constantly/causes pain working out now. Its quite a bit longer than it should be so we're getting this done.

Thanks everyone

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