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Re: Ulna Shortening This friday

Originally Posted by Alfrs View Post
Thank you both for all of your advice and help. Everything's going great so far, other than this thing bring incredibly itchy. It feels a bit loose around my arm, not so much around my wrist, just the arm.

Do you think this is something I should call them about and have a new one put on?
If we did put a new one on, would they restart my 'cast calendar' ? Silly question I know, figured I'd ask anyway.

I hope they remove your plate for you soon CG.

Seriously this thing can get so itchy under there (using the cold air method when i can)
No problem! Hmm. I had a new cast put on every two weeks, because your muscles DO shrink from not being able to use them, making your arm much smaller, so you do need a new one put on, otherwise the cast isn't as stable and offering you as much support and protection as it needs to be!

My plate won't be removed until around September is the last I've heard- although I was having VERY BAD pains at the end of my plate toward my elbow last night, and have to call the doctor this morning, so we shall see what he says.
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