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Ear cracking, swallowing issues

I have a multitude of seemingly unrelated problems. Since 3 years or so now after falling ill suddenly I have difficulty taking deep breaths and a possible hyoid bone dislocation on swallowing (I push it back into place and can hear it when I do, but since it causes no pain and isn't visible to doctors they don't care).
In late 2014 I began to experience cracking in both my ears (I can induce it by moving my jaw very slightly but not visibly). I also experienced a strange sensation in my left ear like something was stuck in it, which would come and go, usually when I was standing or walking. When this sensation struck, food would stick when I swallowed (on the left side), and I would get weak and dizzy, and have random facial pain and headaches. Lying down sometimes helped it subside. My throat would also become oversensitive to touch and so would my breastbone area, and I would sometimes feel like my esophagus was closing up slightly. My breathing would also become worse and talking would cause my ears and throat to be irritated. I would put the symptoms down to panic were it not for the ear issue.
The symptoms subsided almost completely after a few months (roughly 7), except for the cracking and a persistent cough with sticky phlegm. In April this year they began to return again, this time with a weird pressure at the top of my breastbone. In between I've also had trouble with air pressure changes in airplanes and my ears get blocked almost immediately if I go swimming. My ears feel irritated randomly and cause me to cough (dry) sometimes.
Is it Eustachian tube dysfunction? A nerve issue? An issue with the small ear muscles? I'm at a total loss and and the doctors don't think there's anything wrong. I have a diagnosis of relapsing polychondritis (rare autoimmune disease affecting the ears nose and airways) but have not been able to find anyone having the same issue with this disease. My hearing seems to be unaffected for the most part.

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