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swollen irritated nasal passages (turbinates) for last 5 weeks, help!!!!

Hello everyone,

I have been suffering for the last 5 weeks with a stuffy irritated nose. It was very odd how it all started suddenly and just got worse as time went on. Here is how everything started:

We are in the process of selling our home and have been doing some minor work around the house to get it ready for the last couple months. Well I bent down or did something and hurt my lower back( pulled a muscle). it was finally healing after two weeks and out of he blue I tripped over something and Bam, my back was killing me. I actually laid down for a minute on my heating pad and cried it hurt so bad. Well after about 15 minutes to 20 minutes I started feeling better with my back. My nose was running and a little stuffy due to crying which is normal. It usually goes away after a few minutes. Well I went downstairs to the basement apartment to clean the sink and sweep the floor. I then had to go to the store. I noticed as I was driving home from the store my nose felt kind of funny, like a little stuffy and irritated. I thought it was still from crying but not sure. When I got home my husband had just finished cleaning a huge area rug in our den with resolve carpet cleaner and it smelled so perfumy. I avoided going in that room because of the smell and because my nose was already irritated. The next morning I woke up and noticed my nose was still irritated. I sneezed some and the right side of my nose started running a little. It only lasted for a few minutes and then stopped. I still had the stuffy irritated feeling though. I even had my hubby throw that area rug he cleaned out as I did not want to keep smelling it. I do not think that caused this as the symptoms started before he cleaned the rug. After a few days it was not getting better, in fact I felt worse and I also was getting pressure around my eyes and around my nose. I went to see my ENT ( ear, nose, throat) doctor. He looked in my nose and said it was definitely swollen. He did a CT scan and said my sinuses looked clear that it was my nasal passages( turbinates) that were swollen. He said probably allergies since they looked pale and boggy to him. He had me take nasonex nasal spray. I used the nasonex in one nostril just to see how I would do and it felt a little more swollen afterwards that day. I decided not to use it again and hoped this would pass. A few more days went by and I called my primary care doctor and she prescribed to me medrol dose pack( which is oral steroids,4 mg pills) for 6 days. I felt some relief the first day but then the next day I felt crappy again and felt it was not helping too much. I had been taking oral zytrec for the last 5 years, only a low dose of 5mg for skin issues I get. I am sensitive to stuff and will get rashes from time to time so my doctor told me to take the zyrtec daily. I stopped taking the zyrtec thinking maybe it was drying me out and causing this. I however did not feel any better after stopping it. I went back to the ENT doctor and he said to see my allergist. I went to see her and she said she did not think it was allergies since I was not sneezing or having a runny nose or itchy eyes which happens with allergies. She said to try nasacort and see if that helps. I have been on that for almost two weeks( using it in one nostril 2 sprays once a day to see how it goes) and I feel no difference at all. The only thing that helps some is when I take oral pseudophedrine. I try not to take it too much, I only take it like every other day or so and I take it only once a day when I take it( 30 to 60 mg Not the extended 12 hour one). I cannot figure out what happened here and how this just started out of nowhere. I mean like I said, we did have some work done for the last two months, We had a small area of wood stained( my husband did it and it was well ventilated), we also had some dry wall placed on our upper back porch( we have an odd turtle shell upper back porch where it is partially enclosed), I of course was not in that area when the work was being done and it was outside the house. Also we had our laundry room retiled( again, this is separate from the house, it is downstairs, you have you go outside to get to it). I also was not in the area when it was being done. I mean could this have put something in the air and caused me to react like this? But then why would it not go away by now? I also thought maybe the crying kicked it off? I am at a loss as to what to do. I am miserable and nothing seems to be helping with this. I do not have a runny nose at all, and my nose does not feel like it is full of mucous, it is dry but the turbinates are swollen and feel irritated and burny. The stuffiness is the worst!

Does anyone have any ideas what can help this? I even went to see a second ENT doctor and he said it was swollen and mentioned my septum was slightly deviated and mentioned surgery if all else fails. Though we do not believe that my septum is causing this issue seeing how it just came on out of the blue. I never had any issues like this before. He sent me to his allergist and she was stumped and said we could test for allergies but she also did not think it was allergic, but more Non-allergic, like an irritation or something. She mentioned trying singulair( montelukast). Not sure how that would help my swollen nasal passages as it is an asthma/allergy medication.

Does anyone have any ideas on what this is and why nothing is really working( except for the oral sudafed I take now and then). What else can I try to help with this. It seems like the veins in my nasal passages are just swollen all the time. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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