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Ulnar Nerve Entrapment, is it getting better?

Hello Everyone,
I am going to tell the story of how I got this Ulnar nerve entrapment, I am a software developer and I use the computer a lot, I always lean on my elbows while working, especially my left one. on the 20th of August I stayed up to 5 hours leaning on one elbow and I started feeling this little pain in that elbow, but I ignored it. Two days later I went to workout and after some sessions I started feeling this tingling in my little finger and the one next to it, I stopped immediately, I looked it up on the internet and I had the symptoms of Ulnar Nerve Entrapment.

I waited for some time then when it didn't get better I went to see a doctor which confirmed the issue and prescribed me ibuprofen 600 and this BORT EpiContur elbow pad thing, a week later, and I still feel a little pain in my elbow, the tingling sensation in my fingers is only at night when I wake up, even though I have total control over my elbow, and total use over my little finger, and I'm not dropping anything or feeling weakness in my left arm.
And I do not feel pain in my shoulder, but sometimes in my wrist which is probably due to still using the keyboard all the time.

My question is, Am I getting any better after what I described and should I still consult a neurologist for this ? and How much time does this issue take to get cleared ?

Thank you in advance.

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