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Twisted Spinal Cord

So I found out late last week that my back pain for the last several years has been in part caused by the 90 degree rotation of my spinal cord from t5-t9. It starts turning counterclockwise at the cervical-thoracic junction and by t5 its sideways and then t9 it starts to slowly turn back clockwise to a near normal position by the thoracic-lumbar junction. I am seeing a neuro-surgeon today. I don't know if its just a fluke thing that they are getting me in so fast or if its just that serious. Ive been having severe back neck pain that causes migraines and runs down my arms and legs. Also numbness in my right hand sporadically although its becoming much more of a constant complaint in the past week. My thumb is tingling all the time and sensation is reduced.
Has anyone heard of this?
MRI shows no significant scoliosis, no disc issues in that area sufficient enough to cause it and no tethering. Original Dr and radiologist and PT have never seen this before and I just want to try to prepare myself in case they suggest surgery... Does that sound like its going to be on the table for me? Any input would be appreciated. I'm almost 34 now and thankfully have no children yet but we hope to adopt in a few years and I just want to be able to be a good mom.. Help??? Please?

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