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hot thyroid nodule treatment

Hello All

This is my first post. I've had thyroid nodules for over 15 years with annual ultrasounds and several FNA. All was well until August 2016 when I began to feel ill. It was discovered through an Uptake scan that I have a hot nodule. 0 TSH and slightly elevated Free T4. I don't have the results of my current blood work from 1/5/17 but the doctor phoned and said the Free T4 rose again slightly. He ordered 10 mg of mechlizine and return to him in 4 months.

My question is to anyone who has dealt with a hot nodule (I have more than one nodule but only one is hot per the uptake scan which was of normal uptake other than to that one nodule) what is the best treatment? R131 or surgery? I have read you cannot remain on mechlizine long term due to possible liver damage. The doctor gave me these options but advises R131 and gave me meds while I decide.

Also - I have read that a virus can affect your thyroid. I had a 2 week flu in December and was just recovering when I had this blood work. Could that affect the rise in T4?

Thank you for any help you can offer


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