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Re: Question about my MRI

Thank you for your response Snoopy! I really appreciate it.

The arm tinging is usually when I wake up, sometimes is my leg. it does go away, but sometimes it comes slightly during the day.

The tingling in my back is weird too. sometimes is my scalp, I feel like its burning.

My neuro did a first exam and told me my reflexes were ok exept the one in my knee that was exacerbated and told me its hyperreflexia and that's why she ordered an MRI.

I have an MRI a year ago when because my neck was hurting and I was not told I have any lesions or bulging/herniated discs.

I will be doing a spinal MRI also. I just have a feeling I have MS and even though I want to know what's going on with me. I just feel so so scared.

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