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Re: hot thyroid nodule treatment

Thank you for the reply and link Midwest1. Have you ever heard of a hot nodule dying out or going back to cold? I had read some nodules shrink as we age. I don't understand why I'd be more hyper now than in Sept. I don't feel hyper at all. I do suffer depression but I just lost my husband of 40 years on May 6, 2015 so who knows if the hyper or grief is causing the depression. That's when all hell broke loose on my body. After he passed I suffered a string of pretty serious health issues, this being the current. 2014 on has been very stressful. I also read stress can trigger autoimmune. I wonder if this nodule could be a result of stress? This endo isn't bad but not like my PCP who is wonderful. I had to wait 3 months to see him too. I'll post my blood work later, maybe see what you think of the readings. Thanks again :-)

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