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Re: Question about my MRI

Thank you Snoopy!

the pain in the legs is not that bad, i guess...I hate the tingling of different parts of my body. I can't stand it!

My GP who saw me first told me my B12 was low and gave me shots of B12 and in the last blood test its now showing high. So I know that is not the problem. I also have thyroids problems but I am taking medication for that as well. everything else came back normal.

I am now feeling a pressure in my chest that I am thinking it could be an MS hug. At this point I don t even know if I am feeling all this things or its my head! I am going crazy! My husband can't hear me complain anymore. He says its all I talk about and honestly I believe this has really taken over my life.

I am a hypochondriac by nature but this is different from what I have experience before, this are actual symptoms and my MRI is showing lesions. so that's why I am extremely concerned at this point!

Thank you for your input and help!!

Also here is what my MRI was showing. I am kind of confused about it.


Mild nonspecific white matter disease, differential diagnostic considerations include chronic microvascular ischemia, demyelineation and migraine related changes.


A few T2 hyperintensites are seen in frontal white matter of both cerebral hemispeers. these are nonspecific. white matter structures are unremarkable. No enhancement abnormality of the brain is seen following contrast.

Anybody can help me understand this results

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