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I cancelled the follow up with the spine dr. since surgery wasn't indicated. The spine dr. didn't really know what was causing my opposite sided pain and the neurosurgeon thought the neurologist would be best for diagnosing further on that. I never recieved a call back from neurologist office that I contaced a week later in reference to a possible script for more p.t. like the neurologist said he wanted me to do. By the time I went back to pain mgt dr. a few days ago he said he didn't want me doing anymore p.t. as I've already done it twice and he didn't want me doing any lifting weights, only stretching type exercises, swimming, and I can use my precore elliptical machine I've been wanting to get back on. He asked me if I wanted to consider surgery for the stenosis (to go in and open it up some) but I told him the neurosurgeon said no surgery and the neurologist didn't know when or if I'd be better and wanted me back in p.t. and gave me the zonegran. He asked me if the zonegran was helping and I said I didn't notice any difference. He gave me two injections in the muscle with cortisone. I go back to the neurologist in a week. I'm kind of baffled that with all the technology the neurologist doesn't know what's causing my pain and spasms. I don't even think I had a full neurological exam that was written on the script by the neurosurgeon! I did have an EMG. He talked with me and then connected me to the EMG machine. I was sent to him because the other two dr's said surgery wouldn't help me with my current symptoms as they didn't think that was causing them.

I know the p.t. lady was terrible and if she hadn't been so rough, I may have considered it again but even the pm was not happy with the way she treated me so he didn't want me going through that possibility again. What else could it be????? My hands have always been cold. I still have pain in both shoulders, neck, spasms, tightness in muscles in chest, back, and my R arm jumps. Not related to herniated disc, stenosis, or spondylosis. Should I demand that the neurologist do more testing? His saying to me "I have no idea if or when you will ever get better" doesn't give me any hope and it makes me want to die although I didn't tell him that. He also mentioned that unless I get off these pain killers sometime I'll just keep going up the ladder. I guess he tought that p.t. would help me get off the meds. It never did before and made me worse.

Forgot to say that initial diagnosis were small tears through C 2-4 bulging disc 4,5,6 and herniated disc C6-7 and new MRI showed no disc pathology but showed left foraminal stenosis due to bony spondylosis and central stensosis. Both orthosurgeon and neurosurgeon said MRI's were normal and the herniation was very minor! Stenosis was just a small narrowing and nothing to be concerned about.

If anyone has any ideas about what I should say to neurologist at my next appointment or about what other test I should ask about please let me know. I'm sick of being given more pills and told he doens't know what's causing this or has no idea what's wrong. I want him to find out!

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