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Re: Urinary problems ms or female problem

Hi Irishsue,
Boy are you speaking to me right now! Like you, MS for over a decade. Also like you, frequency leakage and no accidents, just always feeling like I have to pee!

My MRI shows nothing new. My Neuro sent me to a Urologist. The urologist did the standard tests including an Ultrasound of my bladder; I am emptying all the way...talked to me about Kegals to strengthen the pelvic floor..

I took myself to the Gyn, since I consider her my go-to doctor anyway. We discussed my age (entering Menopause) and the fact that as your hormones start going wacky, this can definitely make you have this symptom. She told me that bladder urgency is one of the most frequent symptoms which bring people to her only to find out they are entering menopause. she suggested I see a pelvic floor specialist, who is also a therapist Why not?

Off to the pelvic floor doctor I go....she puts me through a ton of testing..more than the urologist in fact. Everything comes back healthy. In fact, I can out kegal most 20 year olds!(grin). She tells me that I am perfectly healthy and that this has to be hormone related...I didnt mention that I refused ALL hormone treatments as I am not a fan of increasing my odds for cancer. (mom and sister had breast cancer).

Then I go home and start researching on my own. I learned about three different procedures (Oshot, Mona Lisa Touch and Femicare, all of which are for women specifically, all which boast that they help reduce this symptom and improve overall bladder health among other things). I have already seen a doctor about the Oshot to get info, Monday I meet with a doctor who does the M.L.T procedure for more info). Not sure if I want to go through with any of these procedures, but I am definitely willing to hear about them. Interestingly how many stories I found connecting improvements in the bladder spasticity and women with MS.

You are not alone my friend. Please see your Gyn as well as a urologist, rule out health related issues and ask about hormone related ones!

RRMS- dx 05

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