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Photopsia (flashing spots in vision)

7 years ago while working overseas as a teacher I began to experience flashing spots in my vision. I did not address them at the time as I was struggling with health issues, mainly IBS, and had to move back to the States as a result. I have lately become more concerned about them as they seem to have maybe gotten more prevalent over the years. I have not found any answers from meeting with doctors and am curious to find other people with a similar vision issue. The spots in my vision appear when light conditions change, mainly going from indoors to outdoors or when looking at dark objects, typically outside. The best description of these flashes I can provide is that they are typically darker (black in color) than the surrounding visual field and appear more commonly when looking at dark/black objects. They occur in clusters with individual spots appearing for a fraction of a second. They typically diminish over the course of 5 minutes and I do not see them again until light conditions change. I can typically see them when closing my eyes but only for a few seconds. I would love to hear from anyone who experiences a similar phenomena. They can be very disturbing especially when driving. I have had floaters for much of my life time (I'm 37) and also experience blue field entoptic phenomena but the effects of these floater is quite different from either of these visual conditions. In my searching I have not found anyone describe a similar issue. If you have experienced this I would love to hear from you.

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