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Re: Antidepressants, Fertility, & Conceiving

Originally Posted by yayagirl View Post
Dear midwest guy,

I suggest that you concentrate on eating in a healthy way that avoids all digestion triggers, get your gut in balance, plus wean off the drug.

There is a lot of research on how to rebalance the gut. I have gut imbalance issues myself, and yes that does cause anxiety. So can alcohol. Alcohol is exactly like eating pure sugar. All of those things also contribute to other diet related imbalances that seriously affect your health.

So that is something that besides conception issues, in my opinion, you need to to take care of to be a good example to your wife and child. It isn't just about getting the wife pregnant. It creates life long consequences if you don't take proper care of your health.
Not sure exactly what you're getting at here, doesn't really answer my question...

I said we very rarely drink alcohol, less than once a month, and I have changed my diet since the stomach issues began.

And not sure what you mean about "setting a good example" for my wife and future child. I'm doing just fine "setting a good example," thanks............

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