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Re: Double vision (diplopia) on lateral gazes: meds or pulled muscle?

Originally Posted by MSNik View Post
Go see a good ophthalmologist and make sure there is nothing wrong with your eyes... if they give you a clean bill of health, you know this is anxiety causing it. This is not something you can self diagnose.

Your eyes are nothing to laugh at- get a good check up!
Well I did get a thorough check-up, including a look at my eye nerve using their machine and all... That's how I learned it was in the "extreme lateral gaze" - I didn't know the phrasing before. She said she didn't see anything wrong... Meanwhile I've seen GPs, some telling me about self-mutilation while telling me you can't damage your eyes stretching them the way I do even when it hurts a LOT.

Nobody's arguing it is anxiety. Anxiety is what makes me hurt myself. The question would rather be whether I could be pulling a muscle (it hurts especially when I look far on both sides) or something...

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