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Re: Double vision (diplopia) on lateral gazes: meds or pulled muscle?

Originally Posted by Snoopy61 View Post
The most common fear that people with anxiety have is having a brain tumor. If you have a brain tumor there would be much more going on than double vision ~ my aunt died from a brain tumor.

If you want to truly know if there is a medical cause for your double vision the best thing you can do is seek the help of those in the medical profession for testing. Drs. are like all the rest of us; they can deal with anxiety, depression, health issues, family problems, and more.

There is nothing wrong with my eye. Internuclear Ophthalmoplegia is due to a miscommunication within the Central Nervous System which includes the brain. The brain is not able to send the proper messages to my eye, hence Internuclear Ophthalmoplegia. I am very fortunate as the double vision could be worse and effect both eyes, although overtime it's possible for this to get worse and it's also possible for it to effect my other eye as well. Just to be clear I do not have a brain tumor.
Meaning one of your eye seems more or less paralyzed, right? Lagging and unable to fully adduct or abduct?

I am just curious as Dr.Internet always depicts everything in black OR white. They never talk about milder cases.

I am sorry for your aunt... As for me, I stated I have been suffering from positional vertigo since last March as well as dizziness when lying on my left side (not when I turn but when I stay that way).

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