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Re: Photopsia (flashing spots in vision)

I neglected to offer a little history. In 2017 I had a detached retina in left eye repaired with vitrectomy and then cataract repair. Last October I had 5 retina tears in my right eye repaired with vitrectomy and just recently had cataract repair. I have been to my retina ophthalmologist md about the flickering issue twice. Both times I had OCT scans with dilated exam and nothing found, but thought could be migraine. Went to my primary care GP who did complete physical w/blood work and nothing found. He thought that my blood pressure being low in the am could be causing the issue. Discussed with a different opthalmologist while I was getting the consultation for cataract removal. Was given OCT and full dilated exam by her and nothing found. I am pretty much at a loss at this point. It is more of an annoyance to me and clears up within 30-60 minutes each time. Sometimes its one eye, others it seems to be both (or one or the other if that makes sense). Sometimes I get mild flicker, others more, sometimes I dont get it at all.

Been monitoring my blood pressure with home monitor but while it is low in am, its more on the normal low side (100/70). So, my plan for now is to let my recent cataract repair heal -- then I guess see a neuro-opthalmologist. Other than that I may just live with it and take it further if it changes. Perhaps with the trauma from the retina issues, detachments, or just plain aging (60) its something thats the new normal for me. We will "see". Thank you. Jim

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