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Red face Blurred vision in left eye. Help.

I just got these glasses last May and I could see very well with both eyes.
Around last November I noticed left eye vision was not sharp and blurry.
My insurance allows me to go back for exam this May which is soon. If this doesn't get better I will go but I am afraid of what I will be told. Is possible It may be dry eye. During this time I was drinking beer three or four nights a week (up to 10 beers), then I would wake up in wee hours and needed Benadryl to get back to sleep. I take a blood pressure med, which has a diuretic , Valsartan + Hydorchloro Thiazide. I was not drinking much water so maybe I dried eye out. I hardly ever feel thirsty. Now that I am scared about this vision problem, I have cut way back on beer, not taking Benadryl every night and force myself to drink 4 or 5 glasses of Water a day. I put eye drops and when I do, my eye feels more relaxed and better for little while. If it is dry eye, I heard they have a couple prescription drops, Restasis and Xiidra i think. Anyone have any experience or heard of dehydration causing blurry vision? You would think if so that it would be both eyes. Thanks.

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