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Re: Need to get 4 screws removed ...

I had an MRI, ordered by the neurosurgeon, last fall and it showed one of the 4 screws was sticking out a bit. He wasn't that concerned nor was the orthopedic surgeon (they both did the surgery last June). I have no confirmation that the screw is the cause but I'm suspicious because last fall it was sticking out and was one of the screws on the right side of the incision (and that's where the pain is and it radiates outward to the side). Now that the shots have worn off, the pain is all the time. They gave me a Rx for Tylenol 3 as I can no longer take Advil (surgery is 4/4/19) and it helps take the edge off so that I'm not limping around and groaning! Thanks for your reply and sorry I haven't been back here sooner.

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