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Gallbladder recently removed, hoping it gets better ...

Hi all, would love to hear friendly advice.
I had my gallbladder removed a smidge over 2 weeks ago. Well I’m a couple of days into week 3 of recovery. First 2 weeks, pretty rubbish! Struggled through them.
I heard week 3 it gets better, but after having a slightly better day yesterday I have now taken some steps backwards again today, I’m feeling the nausea returning and just feel this horrible sickly feeling through gut and abdomen, still feel generally faint, and aches and twinges inside in liver area where gallbladder was removed from.
Doctors said my liver got a bit inflamed by the op, so I’m hoping my slowish recovery towards feeling a bit normal is because of that. My liver enzyme count now is only just over the highest end of the scale- the test was 4 to 34, and I am 36. But dr says that normal post op.
I was pretty exhausted and unwell by the time I had the op, so wasn’t coming at it from a good place, maybe this doesn’t help either.

I'm turning corners slowly, in fits and starts.

I guess I have worried thoughts in back of my mind, like is it going to get better? It’s hard to believe it will some days when I suffered so long before the op with nausea and feeling terrible and now it continues post op, it’s hard to see the shift.
I still don’t feel up to leaving the house, I just walk up to the street corner in the sun quickly and come straight back, or do some dishes or washing or a little cooking (mostly mashed vegetables still!). And still needing a fair bit of bed rest.
And my very recent bloods have not shown anything bad, other than the slightly elevated liver enzyme.
Bile leakage fear is in the back of my mind but my liver count would probably be higher for that, and I’d be a lot sicker I guess.

I’d love to be able to think it’s going to be ok

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