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Re: Gallbladder recently removed, hoping it gets better ...

Thanks for your replies, I really appreciate.

Yes Iím definitely eating a good variation of low fat healthy foods aside from mash. I had a couple of days after posting this, where the nausea went away, but it has very much returned again today. That is my most hated and feared symptom. Feels like itís never going to leave for good. It makes it hard to go out and leave the house or get on with anything much, when i feel so queasy and off.

I hope it goes back to improving. Did any of you have this, where it seems to go away, but returns? At this point. Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since the surgery.

But as you all say, it can take a few more weeks to feel overall big improvements. And thatís reassuring that you say this. But itís still hard to shake the worry. I have a child and am struggling to return to proper parenting, let alone going back to work. That still feels quite distant. And I was sick and struggling with all of that for a while before surgery too. So thereís this fear it will never be better as itís dragged on so long. But Iím trying very hard to believe what you all say- that it will get better.
I hope the 4 week mark will bring me more improvements.

Thankyou for your support in this difficult time.

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