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Pressure and "Fullness" Under Chin

I've had this issue for 1.5 years. My doctors have prescribed me allergy and heartburn/acid reflux medicine, but that didn't work. My impacted wisdom teeth were taken out, but that wasn't the cause either.

All doctors also checked my throat and neck area for lumps and swollen lymph nodes and thyroid, but NOTHING! It's all normal.

How the symptoms feel:

-It feels like the area under my chin is swollen and "full".
-Sometimes my throat feels constricted.
-Due to this, I now have this compulsion to expand my throat/under chin area to relieve this pressure; when I do that, it feels like there's a lump and there's this clicking sound.

For the most part, I can swallow fine. I have no other symptoms and feel fine.

I'm going to another ENT in 2 weeks, but want to see if anyone else had this or knows what the issue could be. It's really frustrating!

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