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Re: Gallbladder recently removed, hoping it gets better ...

Thanks titchou,
Iím eating a balanced but careful diet. Low fat, no salad or raw things. Well I seem to tolerate apples and bananas fine. But no raw leafy things or uncooked veggies. Just good basic food, like toast and a little avocado,cooked oats, baked potatoes with simple low fat toppings, steamed veg, low fat yogurt, lean chicken, all that good post op stuff.

I know what you mean about needing to eat to help with the queasy feeling. Though sometimes post eating is even more queasy. And getting up and about definitely a good thing. Or the nausea takes hold even stronger. I seem to be nauseous nearly non stop lately.
Iíll take your advice and try to walk a bit more, if anything it distracts a bit from the nausea.
Thank you!

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