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Re: Gallbladder recently removed, hoping it gets better ...

So Iíve recently had a few days where the nausea eases off for a good few hours. Does it happen sort of gradually like that until itís less and less and then eventually gone ? I wonder what causes it, as some donít get it at all!

I guess Iíve found it trying because my main symptom prior to surgery was nausea (and just this awful unwell feeling) and now afterwards itís been intense too. Leaves you wondering if that feeling will ever go away. And even my GP doctor seemed a bit mift that I was still nauseous, which can be disheartening. Doctors donít seem to account for outside of the square recovery time frames.

But if itís starting to reduce a little now thatís a good sign right? Iím pretty much 6 weeks post surgery now. But I canít imagine having an entire Ďnormalí day just yet. But from about 1 in the afternoon till early evening it seems to ease off a lot.
Is this progress?
Still fairly wobbly in the mornings though, and mid evening.

Thankyou all. Itís been a very long time Iíve been going through this. I just keep trying to stay positive and imagine having my life back.

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