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Re: Could it be my thyroid?

Dear Safeplace,

Thyroid does not negatively affect psyche drugs. Natural thyroid is something the body normally produces on it's own. Thyroid affects mood. In fact, if your thyroid level gets corrected you may find that you have no need for psych meds. (Let me be clear, though - NEVER go off psych meds except under the care of a doctor! They must be weaned off slowly.)

I believe there is not a 'borderline' for thyroid. And even if there was, your level is above the lab range, on the high side, which means you are definitely thyroid deficient. How much you need as an individual can only be discovered by taking a dose and checking on your symptoms.

To find what level you need is only by trying a dose for six or so weeks then checking on your symptoms (yes it takes that long). That is the proper and normal way to treat thyroid deficiency. A knowledgeable doctor knows this fact. This is because hormone needs are completely unique for each person. There is no set standard of what YOU need for YOUR health.

Unfortunately a lot of doctors think they can effectively treat thyroid issues and they simply are wrong to be messing around with it. Unfortunately that also includes endocrinologists, because many make diabetes their focus and don't have a clue about treating thyroid. It was a thyroid specialist that many years ago taught me to check with pharmacists and ask for doctor names that treat with natural thyroid. This is because they know the body does not assimilate or respond well to synthetic hormones like Synthroid.

Secondly, and this is my take on it, and I am just another patient, but I have gone for years through the haggle of trying to get proper diagnosis and proper treatment - and my belief is that the human body responds much faster, better and easier on natural thyroid hormone. I get no relief at all from synthetic man made hormones, which is what Synthroid is.

This is why I recommend asking pharmacists for the names of doctors that prescribe natural thyroid. Then I phone them to check whether they take my insurance, to be sure that I can afford them. Right now I have a fantastic thyroid doctor, a well respected endocrinologist. But I have gotten great excellent thyroid treatment with a female gynecologist and regular general practitioners, too, by checking to find out which doctors prescribe natural thyroid.

If you don't mind me asking, what symptoms made you decide to take psych meds?
~ YaYa ~

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