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Re: Could it be my thyroid?

Hi Safeplace,

In addition to avoiding junk food, you need to make sure your diet has enough foods that contain iodine. Most iodine comes from seafood. And at the same time try to avoid eating raw cruciferous vegetables because they will block the absorption of iodine. Why do all of this? Your thyroid cannot produce thyroxin without a sufficient supply of iodine and it needs thyroxin to function properly.

When my TSH was 8.88 I asked my doctor if there was anything I could do with my diet to help correct it, and he said "no" without even asking me what my diet was like. I wasn't eating any seafood and I wasn't using iodized salt. But one good thing is that he set up another date for a blood test to make sure.

Well, I did some research and made some changes to my diet and the next result, 3 months later, was TSH 4.50 (within normal range).

I realize everyone is different but here's my experience: When my TSH was 8.88 I felt very well both mentally and physically. I had absolutely no symptoms of hypothyroidism. And when my TSH went down to 4.50 I felt exactly the same. Yes, I was tested for T3 free and T4 free but don't remember the results.

Unfortunately, medical doctors are limited to doctoring and usually have very little nutrition education. Their job, primarily, is to diagnose and treat with medication or other medical procedure. So it's left up to the patient to find out what their dietary needs are.

Hope this will be of some help.

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