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Re: Chest Pain when walking -- Help

Originally Posted by Machaon View Post
Have you ever tried to take nitro while you are at home to see how much you react to the medication? If your reaction is mild then you might consider trying it while walking.

If, when experiencing bad pain while walking, nitro relieves the pain, it might suggest heart related issues, otherwise it might suggest muscle or pulmonary related issues?

If you decide to take nitro, after experiencing pain from walking, you could consider sitting down prior to taking the nitro, as a precaution.

Regards, Bob
I saw the doctor this week and he said even though my calcium score test was Zero, my other tests came back normal from when I saw the cardiologist, sometimes your arteries could be very narrow and when you physically do walking etc.. could cause the pain because the arteries are not letting the blood flow through normally. Very scary to me and he wants me to go back to the cardiologist. When I saw the Cardio, and after 2 hours of being there, he gave me the nitroglycerin if needed, but he told me to try it out at home first to see how my body adjusted to it because of the side affects

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