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Reasons for inflammation

I recently had a colonoscopy and endoscopy done due to constant diarrhea and nausea and a burning feeling in my stomach. After doing numerous blood work, stool tests, ultra sound on GB, checked for celiac and lactose and different medication I really thought this was going to give me some answers.... the doctor came in and proceeded to tell me everything looked fine. No colitis,cancer or crohns. I was ecstatic to hear that but then confused as to where are my issues coming from ? She took four biopsyís all together and Iím still waiting for results for those. But thereís been inflammation in my stool samples and sometimes the diarrhea almost looks like acid and burns coming out for no reason as I do not ever eat anything spicy. I donít feel like this is just ďIBSĒ. My question is what else can cause inflammation if itís not IBD? What else can I ask my doctor to check for or test me for?

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