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Wow thank you so much for sharing your story

I suffered from panic attacks since I was a teen, although very rarely up until a few years ago when I was at first in limbo about getting work/whether or not I could stay here in the UK etc. and later stuck in a destructive and abusive relationship (I am nearly 25 now). I didn't really know these were panic attacks until fairly recently, although I had an inkling because a friend of mine had them about 2 years ago in a similarly stressful situation, and was prescribed a valium-type medication even though just like me she thought it was her heart or blood pressure or brain etc. giving her trouble. (Her family had a history of blood pressure probs so she obviously worried it was that)

I still get them every now and again (I take a natural supplement with valerian, passion flower extract and hops and it helps with overall feelings of anxiety, although I still worry about almost everything and have to double-check most things) and I don't even think about driving (haven't sat in the driving seat since my test in 1998) although I know I'll have to face that demon at some point...

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