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sure, I am 20. I'm kinda glad I found the board at the time I did because reading these posts makes me feel somewhat relaxed and people here can relate better to what I am saying; my family doesn't take me as seriously and don't really like me talking about my anxiety symptoms, well mainly my mom. One thing that maybe shows all of this is anxiety is that I wake up fresh in the morning but then my symptoms will become more noticeable as the day progresses. I've had everything from hormone studies, EMG test, blood tests, Xrays, CT Scans and EKGs and echocardiograms done. I will be seeing a back specialist very soon for my mild scoliosis that curves to the left. My anxiety began before my first 'heart race attack'; it began with twitching in my left leg which turned into pain and strange cold feelings and now I get twitches and strange feelings all around my body; it sounds like a nerve problem but the EMG showed my nerves in my leg are ok. The constant pain and twitching may be caused by a compressed nerve in my lower back or some type of herniated disk. I am not sure. I've been more worried that maybe I have a blood circulation problem from sitting down so much, but nothing is swollen or discolored so that is unlikely and plus I'm too young to consider that a problem. Most likely it is my back even though my scoliosis isn't that bad. well, whatever happens, i will be here to tell my progress as i continue to see specialists. thank you for your concerns.

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