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Hi Wowwweee. It was interesting to read of your experience and wisdom. I find comfort in this board. I made a friend, then after a conversation she told me about these helped... I actually did find some comfort in your post. There are times where I really do believe that I am going crazy. It feels like such a lonely place all the time for me.....then I read these posts and I feel a bit better. What do you do though, when your own family doesn't understand? What do you do when docs say, Ya, you have a panic disorder, but you're just a teen (I'm 18 by the way. This started at 17) ignore you. Or other docs will say you're on drugs just to quickly get you out so they can go on to their next patient and go home (When you have never ever or will ever done a drug in your life)? What do you do when all your friends think you're SO weird (because...maybe they saw you have an attack....or it gets spread and the news reaches them), when all your friends leave you all alone, and you have no friends who even care a lick about you because you are, "A weirdo."?
You spoke of depression.....I hear that! I have a lot of depressing things happening, but even when I'm in a good mood, I'm still depressed. I know that sounds
Thanks Wowwweee, your post helped me vent. Even though I'm depressed but I feel a bit lighter. If you actually do have a response for any of what I said, I would love to hear/read it.
Sorry so long....

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