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Well wowwweee- I just cried when I read your story, I thought thats sounds alot like me at the moment.
I find myself most of the time worrying about the regularity of my pulse, constantly checking it. Today I was trying to talk to my sister about how I am feeling, no sympathy or understanding there. I feel that no-one wants to listen to me. I cry alot over nothing, I feel dizzy and out of sorts, breathing is abit labourous if you know what I mean and I worry about everything. This may stem from my past when I had lost my mum 18 years ago and my baby daughter 13 years ago and now I am unemployed. I always have worried to some extent my mum was the same but I just want to feel right again. Am I harping on ? I hope that reading your story will direct me to getting the right sort of help at last. Thankyou.