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Red face just needing to vent at this moment

All of this has happened so fast. My symptoms just keep adding up and won't stop. I thought I was getting better. I have been taking my meds and vitamins regularly and know I have started to experience difficulty swallowing. I have had this before but not like this. I have all kinds of symptoms that are just so annoying. I wish they would all go away. My dh knows what is going on but not in detail. I have told him about some of my symptoms but not all. I just don't want to bring him down too. I can see now how some people go through depression while having thyroid problems. I have alsways had a normal healthy life. I think the thyroid started up know way before the babies came. I noticed I had changed after about a year with my bf(DH). I saw myself get mad over any little thing. I was moody and fiesty. It seemed like my whole demeanor changed. I even wanted to blame my bf(DH) for this. After I had my second child I noticed it got worse. It seems like you never get a break from your symptoms. When one leaves another one comes or even better some decide to come all at once. I am not happy about taking meds everyday for the rest of my life(I'm only 30) I can't even explain to my dh that I cannot go outside because the heat hurts. I have to wait till a little before dusk to take the kids out to play. There have been times we have taken them out during the day and I usually pay for it later. I guess I am going through a little depressive state. I don't understand why it is so hard to heal us. We all suffer. Some of us suffer so much that we end up with other problems (psyc). I used to think people having to take psyc drugs were weird but now I know some of us can't help it at all. I think I may be headed in that direction if I don't get any better. This is so depressing. I would love to be normal again. My family needs me and there is so much I want to do for them. Sorry about all of this...I will probably be better tomorrow. Just having a low right now.-Roni

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