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hi roni,
it is hard sometimes. there were times when i thought i'd just give up. i have 3 boys and i know what you mean. its hard to take care of them sometimes. i used to have a really short fuse too! there was one day when i asked my husband if he thought i used to be happier. this was before i knew i had hypothyroidism. well, thank god i found a doc to treat me, that took a while. i am on 210 mg of armour thryoid now and seem to be getting better. i still have a day when maybe my legs are sore and achy or i have a shorter fuse, but overall its been much better. before the medicine i hated myself, and for no particular reason. i lost like 5 pounds so far. i didn't need to lose a lot of weight, i've always been a small person, but i gained about 10- 15 pounds from the thyroid thing. i am back to working out again, thank god! i want to lose like maybe 5-8 more pounds and its right in my stomach! I am way obsessed over that! i drive myself nuts!

what meds are you on? are you still being increased? make sure you tell your doc what a hard time you're having. i know sometimes it just seems like too much complaining, but you'll never feel better til you get enough.
i'll be praying for you and hope you feel better soon!!