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I read your frustration and totally understand and relate. This is such a frustrating illness and it can fluctuate with weather changes as well. Seems like we never can get to feeling good for any length of time, your right, its always something, one thing gets better and here comes another problem to replace it, ARGH ARGH ARGH!!!

My oldest says "Mom you never feel good" sad but pretty much true.
Its hard with kids because they don't really understand especially when they are small.

And the heat, eeekkk, I can't stand it, I will also wait till evening to go outside but then we have the crazy west nile mosquitoes we have to worry about.

I just got my bloodwork back yesterday and my levels are off again, but the strange thing is I don't feel as bad (I don't feel real good either) but I don't feel as bad as I did when they were more in range and only my T3 was off, so go figure.

Hang in there, its nice to know we arn't alone in our suffering and can come on here and vent and know that those here truely understand how we feel.

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