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Thanks for the replys. I still feel the same today...but the venting helped. Reading your posts brought tears to my eyes. Maybe I am just emotional...I don't know. AF is visiting me right now so that may have a lot to do with it. I have always been this strong powered woman. I have always been able to do anything if I set my mind to it and now I feel like some kind of weak "hypo"chondiac. I never use to visit a dr...maybe once a year(gyn). After childbirth I feel like I live in a drs office now. I want to call my dr and tell him about my throat area swelling but I am afraid of whining about every little thing I find wrong with me. I don't know you all. I wish none of us had to experience this. I will be as strong as I can be. I have been searching all kinds of information since I was diagnosed. This board has helped me out tremendously. I thank everyone of you all for all of your help and support. God bless you all and i hope we can have a clear answer and simple solution to solving our disorders.-Roni