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Oh Roni -

Listen, don't feel bad at all about venting - remember mine last week???? It was longer than your's!!!

I so understand your anger and sadness about not being 'the real you' right now - I was just like you - at the doctor's once a year for a pap, and that was it. Even flu's don't keep me down. This summer???? I was so sick my butt didn't leave the couch for 3 months. My kids were petrified. I thought I was dying (for real). I wrote them all goodbye letters and spent every minute I could snuggling with my 3 year old.

This is all so foreign to me. I have been hypothyroid for 20 years - no big deal - all of a sudden I feel like my body is a foreign country.

PLEASE be gentle on yourself. I can tell that you are a great, loving mom - and if I can tell, when I don't even know you, your kids certainly know that. Remember that kids don't have the same expectations of us that we do of ourselves. Be flexible. Try to maintain a sense of humor. (Impossible sometimes!) And write your little heart out here! Every time someone shares here, we all get something out of it!

Saying a prayer for you!

Big Hugs,

Practice Compassion...Heal The World
Practice Compassion...Heal The World