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Hi. Yes,this is a tuff thing for you and everyone around you. The other night at a board meeting I had to leave the room. I thought I would crawl across the table and smack this women if she said one more word!!! and she did!!! But she is also one of my best friends!!! I just turned to the women sitting next to me(she is Hypo-T longer than me)and said "My thyroid and I are out of here!" I feel that every conversation starts or ends with Hypo-T!!! So here is a room full of people that have no idea what had just happened.

kael, glad to see someone with more than a few years of Hypo-T. Things, like this BB are so much better then anything we started with even 20 years ago It is really difficult to understand why todays drs don't seen to have a better grip on this.

jinglebts, I'm with you! It has been a daily struggle at times and keeping a family going seems impossible.

I just had an endo(published,instructor at university) tell me(with my hubby there)that Hypo-T MAY cause total a 1% of weight gain! There were weeks in my life that I could gain 1% a day! It is scary to think that this man teachs new drs Self education is our best hope! For starters I like Thyroid Power by Shames. Sticking together and sharing with each other is a truly wonderful thing.