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Post Toft February 2003

If anyone wants to read about this reference I have posted occasionally in here, here's the information you need:

Toft, A. D, Beckett, G. J (2003, Feb) Thyroid function tests and hypothyroidism. Measurement of serum TSH alone may not always reflect thyroid status. BMJ 2003 326: p. 295-296 [url=""][/url]

Of course, Toft has his nose firmly and proverbially implanted in TSH's posterior (this was the guy that said any consideration of T3 is hogwash back in 1999), but you'll see some admissions TSH isn't the be-all to end-all, and some other good statements.

If anything it'll be a good start for some discussion in this thread - this is what we have to go against to get well is lame brained idiots like Dr. Toft.

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