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I know your question was directed at SkyEagle, but I wanted to give my interpretation.

He's basically saying that tinkering with the dose and form of thyroid hormone may not eliminate all the non-specific symptoms experienced by auto-immune thyroid diseased patients. His premise is that these symptoms COULD be caused by the underlying chronic inflammatory nature of the disease, which he acknowledges has not been written too much about. Nor, does he offer what alternatives a patient is left with if this in fact the case. It almost seems as if he is saying, too bad, so sad.

Judging from his tone in the editorial, both condescending to his medical counterparts and the patients themselves, I suspect that this is not a doctor that I would want treating me. While he seems intelligent and knowledgable about the science of the subject, he doesn't seem open to explore possibilities...which may include "tinkering" with various formulations or dosages, or considering application of other options which may present themselves in the future, in order to decrease the non-specific symptoms of the patient.

It is my belief that there is more to being a doctor than simply striving to treat the patient medically. I firmly contend that they have a responsibility to make every attempt to assist the patient in achieving a state of well-being.

I changed pediatricians several months ago because my son's doctor only wanted to talk to me about medical issues, and not help me with other issues relating to a new baby, i.e. the infant's sleep patterns, feeding patterns, etc., all of which had to do with trying to achieve a state of well-being for the baby as well as the household. I feel the medical and well-being go hand in hand. Our new pediatrician answers my questions and discusses wellness issues with me too. I feel as though we are "partnering" in care of the baby.

That is the relationship I think we all desire from our practitioners in treating our thyroid issues.

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