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I had that done in November. I really wish that I would not have had the procedure. If I could go back and do it again I would re evaluate how bad off I really was before I had gotten it done. It actually made me worse than I was before I got it done. I had never read any of the posts on this board before I got the procedure. Now that I have been reading on here for a while, I understand tmj a bit more, and I am greatful that I do. My Dr. wanted to do a more invasive surgery once the arthrocentesis did not work, but I declined.

Here were my symptoms before I had surgery. Cracking, popping and over extension of my jaw. Sharp pain shooting into my ear when I chewed, and my jaw would lock up if I got it into a position it shouldn't be in, for example chewing pop corn kernel, or biting large into an apple. I wish I would have realized that those were pretty mild symptoms. Now my jaw opening locks at about 23 mm alot of the time, it clicks and cracks much louder and more painfully. My neck and jaw hurt often, and have frequent headaches.

I hope I have not discouraged you from doing something that you need to do, but maybe I have helped you consider something that could avoid making things worse. Only you and your Dr. can decide that. Try to consider if your TMJ dr or oral surgeon have done all that they can for you and this is the only next step that they can do for you to make you feel like you are still being treated. If that is the case, I would reconsider it. Physical therapy might help you out. It is a must after arthrocentesis. I had it for 8 weeks after. They did not tell me that ahead of time, that I would need it.

Good luck on your decision.