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Well this gut seems to think he is on the right track. I can see why you hesitate though. When I had a catscan they just looked at my brain (ironically they say I am normal). I don't think it will give you any definite answers on your tmj, but it might pin point on all your fluid. Who knows anymore I am so discouraged myself over here. My pt now wants me to go see a neck and spine orthopedic to see if I have any damage. I think that sounds like a good idea. Oh I have not told you the latest- It looks like that "Specialist" really screwed me all up. Since he never sent my doctor the notes of what type of splint I needed- my dentist gave me the basic night guard. I thought my dentist received the notes (whole story under frustrated). lol I have the WRONG SPLINT!!!!!!!!!!
I have a question- how are we suppose to get better- and stop clenching and locking when we have these types of "humans" calling the shots.
I am sorry to just go off like this- but I am sooooo mad! I am about ready to crawl in my closet and not come out. I guess you can say that I kind of have already started doing that. I have gave myself a project to do. I am stenciling my WHOLE HOUSE!!!! I have never done it before and it has been kind of fun. I am making butterflies fly around my house. This is bringing the outside in so I don't have to go out. I am also going to redo my bathroom sink. We have a black sink that is chipping a lot. My whole house has a light green, white, and a creamy color- the very black sink does not match.
P, I hope they are able to give you answers that you need to get better.