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Heya Heather! I know you must be discouraged.. getting that kind of news from your doctor that you got the wrong splint can be frustrating as heck... but the good news is that even when the 'humans' are getting it wrong.. the big guy upstairs is looking out for you. You didn't wear the splint for too long and it didn't make you worse. *says thankful prayer*

I'm so glad you've found something creative and fun to do. That must help lift your spirits some. My sister painted butterflies in our gameroom years ago. They were so beautiful. I think if I ever own a house I'll do some stenciling too. hehe. I know it can take a long time tho!

I am a bit hesitant about the ct instead of mri, but I guess I'm glad in a way. My sinuses have been bothering me (which they never do) and I didn't know where all that fit in with the tmj. He did say that if we can't see anything with the catscan that he would order an mri. And man those soma are powerful. I took a half.. then went to make dinner and I was just laughing in there all by myself. My boyfriend came in there to check on me and he just laughed when he saw me. I feel much more relaxed tonight than I did on the other ones. Jaw doesn't hurt as much so maybe these will do me more good.

Anyways.. good luck with your paint project. Wish I could come over to help but I'm on the other side of the country hehe. Hope you have a great evening!